Welcome to the Official Joan Walsh Anglund Website. "The Authors Site."

My name is Chris Meredith and I am the creator of Joan's Website.

There use to be many products offered on this website but all the clothing embroidery, printing, and cd's are no longer connected. We have put this site back online to make sure people don't forget the amazing work that Joan has done throughout her life!

Joan's Village is divided into several Buildings. Each store was dedicated to offering a specific product of Joan's. We originally outsourced the orders to different manufacturer's and maybe sometime in the future this will happen again. Until then, enjoy the wonderful work of Joan Walsh Anglund. The collectibles building is dedicated to collecting the vast amount of work Joan has done over the last fifty years and gives everyone a place to see all of the wonderful things she has created. It is also a place that will link you to other sites selling her books and collectibles such as dolls, figurines, ceramics, collector plates and a host of other products.

With Love,

Chris Meredith & Joan Walsh Anglund