Author: Joan Walsh Anglund

Publisher: Harcourt Brace

Date Published: 1960

ISBN: 0156444259


With a joyous sense of childhood, Joan Walsh Anglund has chosen some of the old nursery rhymes and has made them into a delightful treasure trove for small children. An ABC that will bring hours of pleasure to all who look and listen. Each verse is preceded by a letter of the alphabet and by a word from the verse that begins with the appropriate letter. And for all the verses, Mrs. Anglund has made enchanting pictures, abundantly filled with rich detail, that stem from the heart of the Mother Goose tradition.
In glowing colors and engaging pen- and-ink drawings, Mrs. Anglund - the author-artist of such beloved titles as The Brave Cowboy and Love Is a Special Way of Feeling, has created another memorable book that will be a favorite with the very young and the young-in-heart for years to come.

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