Author: Joan Walsh Anglund

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World

Date Published: 1959


"Once there was a cowboy. He was strong and brave. He was not afraid of coyotes. He was not afraid of mountain lions. He was not afraid of ornery rustlers. . . ."Enter the world of one child's imagination and follow him on his exciting make-believe journey. This brave cowboy knows he has his work cut out for him. As he dresses for the day's adventures, he remembers to put on his cowboy hat, his boots, and his two-holster belt, things he will need as he and his active imagination take on bandits, rattlesnakes, fair maidens, and whatever else might come his way. Stay with the brave cowboy from the beginning of his day until it's time for him to sleep and have sweet cowboy dreams.
With its simple text and charming line drawings, The Brave Cowboy has captured the very essence of a child's world and will capture the heart of anyone who reads it. Originally published in 1959, The Brave Cowboy has touched over 230,000 people and will continue to be treasured by new fans, both young and old alike, for years to come.


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